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Good News 

for the Middle Kingdom

The Lord gave the Word and great was the company of those that published it. 
Psalm 68:11


Factevery second 2 people die in the world; that is 7,000 each hour, and over 150,000 each day.  Think about that.  In the time it took to read that sentence, or this one, 10 people have passed from this life.  That does not sound like good news, does it?

But where do they go?  What happens when we die? 

Reality – death is the ultimate reality:  we all die.  Probably you have a grandparent who has died or another relative or friend. 

Truth – here is some good news.  Our physical bodies die, but who we really are – the inner essence that makes each one of us unique as a thinking, feeling being – continues to live after the body dies.  Our soul-spirit leaves this physical shell of our body behind and still lives. . . forever! 

Different cultures have different cultural beliefs about the afterlife, but here is the Truth:  the Only, Living God who made the universe and everything in it, including us, has created all human beings to live forever, in eternity, beyond time where 100 years or 1 million years have no meaning.

How do we know this to be true? 

The God who made us told us so.

 First, we can see the handiwork of our Creator throughout His creation:  from the incredible complexity and diversity of nature and the natural world, to the vast cosmos and laws of science by which everything exists.  From the double-helix of DNA to Supernovas, God has expressed His creative power by what He has made.

Second, God wrote a book – the Holy Bible.  He communicated directly with His highest creation – us, humankind, through words we can read and understand.  The Bible is God’s word to us:  how we are to respond to Him and how we relate to others.  Its timeless message of love is for all people of every culture on every continent.

Third, God became a man and lived among us – Jesus Christ.  Those who follow him are Christians, who for 2,000 years have penetrated every nation on earth with the Good News of God’s love for His creation.  How we are to relate to God and others can be found in the core truths He wants all people to know.

Truth – Christianity is not just a religion.  It is a relationship – a loving relationship between the God who created us and who sustains us moment by moment with every breath we take and with every beat of our heart.  And though God created each one of us, most people do not know, do not care, or do not honor God as they should.   He has given us laws to live by – to not steal, to not murder, to not lie, to not disobey our parents, to not worship idols and to honor God as He deserves.  These are good laws.  But every crime and war begins because we violate God’s laws.

Reality – Each of us is a lawbreaker.  We have broken the laws God gave us to live by, the laws we instinctively know because He also gave us a conscience to tell right from wrong.  We know it is wrong to steal something from someone else or to cheat or lie – but we do it anyway.  And if we are not caught, we think no one will hold us accountable.  But God will.

Fact – Each of us will someday die.  Maybe not for 50 years, or maybe we will live to 100.  But when we die – when our soul-spirit leaves our body, we will stand before God and He will examine our lives.  If we have broken any of His laws – even once – He will condemn us as guilty.  Who has not stolen something or lied or disobeyed our parents?  We all are guilty.  And no one has honored God – He tell us so in the Bible: we all have sinned (broken his law) and gone our own ways.  We have lived selfishly for ourselves.

Truth – God wants to forgive us.  He wants to save us from the punishment that awaits us.  If we study the Bible we can understand the great plan God has for all people – that He, Himself, became a human being and lived a perfect life and then died upon a cross to take away our guilt, so that we might be saved.  These are actual, historical facts that have been verified by history, archeology and science.  Jesus Christ is the Savior for all humanity – “there is no other name given under heaven by which men and women must be saved.”

Ultimate Truth and Reality: If we confess our sins, then He is faithful to forgive us.  If we put our trust in Him (Jesus Christ) and live as He tells us – to obey and honor Him, then God becomes our Heavenly Father and welcomes us into his global, eternal family and welcomes us home to Heaven when we pass from this life to the next.

This is Good News for China and for all nations.