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Our Honeymoon Disaster!   

If it weren't so humorous
it would be sad.  We hope 
your special time together
is better than ours.  Read. . .

The Lord gave the Word and great was the company of those that published it. 
Psalm 68:11

I lost my Quixotic Quest for public office by 100 votes,
but I sent my hapless experiences to a national essay
contest -- which I won!  The prize was a trip for two to

I had never won anything before.  Our friends were
as excited as we.  But within two weeks of receiving
the joyous news, after we had bought tour books and
signed up for Espanol lessons -- the bubble burst.

The contest judges telephoned and said Sorry!  After
close examination they realized my winning story was
just over the 500 word limit -- by 100 words.  They
were taking back the trip and sending me a nice copy
of the book . . .
Don Quixote.

100 votes. . . 100 words. . . maybe I am a born loser.

Read about my efforts to become a public servant--

as humorous and sad as they are.

 [Our son Shawn works in politics now!]

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