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Yeshua -- 15, Prophet

In the beginning. . .
was the word

 The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalms 68:11


xv a Prophet Without Honor


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me: Sabbath, Nazareth,

     synagogue packed with townsfolk, kin, windows open

to entice any coolness breezing past in.  The carpenter read.


He has anointed me.  His voice's sonorous lull spun out

     a spell to bind them as one.  He was a village local.

The words stirred his mother, gently, in the women's gallery.


To preach the gospel to the poor -- the potter was, as were

     the tanner, peasant farmers, the mason, metal crafter and

neighbors little better.  Yeshua unfurled the words the scroll held.


The usual slumberers nodded awake.  Heal the brokenhearted,

     preach deliverance to the captives.  A warbler erupted

in a nearby lemon tree.  The sun at zenith, spectral, unremitting,


scorched its notch of sky.  He stood amidst them, reciting now

     his heart, still unmarried, a keepable catch for any fisherman's

daughter.  Recovery of sight to the blind.  They saw him


as a haze has lifted, no longer boy-like.  To proclaim the year

     of the Lord's favor. The huzz their ears filled with fell silent.

The prophet spoke, alive so long ago.  Yeshua rejoined his bench.


Today this scripture is fulfilled.  Amazed he was a son of them,

     they listened on.  Some called for magic tricks.  Rumors put

him center stage of a sideshow in Capernaum, healing freely.     


Elijah, truth told, Elisha, too, were without honor at home.

     Heaven's gates were shut, he said.  The hearsayers grew

goggled-eyed and riotous.  They surged about him, soon a melee


bent on murder.  At the height of vertigo, the precipice's headlong,

     downward view -- rocks, shards, hawthorns, grist, fly-infested

carrion rotting a death-dive below -- all were. . . what?  Struck


senseless?  Did the son of man's angel vector intersect?  He had

     mesmerized them to the edge and back.  How did he know how?

Gone, they knew and only later, all seemed to recall he glowed.