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Yeshua -- 25, the Loaves

In the beginning. . .
was the word

 The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalms 68:11

xxv the Loaves and Fishes


Blessed art thou, oh Lord, the disassembling

     pigeon horde stirred up, fluttered and resettled

overarching rocks the hills held aloft above shelved,


sun-bleached bottom sands that rinsed Bethsaida's

     shore, our God, the multitude astir, also, King

of the world, as the day wore thin toward sunset's


hour of supper.  Who brings forth five meager loaves,

     though lovingly offered for those gathered in groups

of  fifty-- send them to nearby hamlets, someone said,


but Yeshua, instead, took two fish he blessed and broke

     bread from the earth.  How many thousand ate

their fill and then filled twelve baskets piecemeal of


crusts and fish flesh was no less a miracle than what

     and who were to follow.  Nearing night, stragglers

camped in open air, encircled twig fires, foretold


future wonders.  Some others wandered off to inns

     and welcome homes of  long lost relatives or found

new friends.  A loyal few disciples stayed, perplexed,


divided over how Yeshua multiplied what they were all

     one witness to.  He had gone to pray in solitude. 

Below where moonlight set the sea aglow with liquid


luminosity, a fish boat sculled the reef.  Simon, Andrew,

     James, John -- the whole hometown wondered:

was it wrong to want more than a simple life afforded?