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Yeshua -- 7, The Magi

In the beginning. . .
was the word

 The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalms 68:11

vii  the Magi


Light the shape a star might take

     drew a path across the heavens

for wisemen to the east to trace,


a connect the dots to Bethlehem.

     They read the sky the text

predicted, saw the iridescent beam


above the stabled baby king, so

     infant-sized and swaddled

in a hewn-wood feeding trough.


Gifts of aloe, myrrh, incense, gold--

      such a regal cargo for adoring

Magi-- seemed paltry to an eternal


deity who was, for the moment, all

     hungry mouth feasting at his

mother's breast.  Did the angel host


fade back to glory, the herdsmen

     linger?  What else?  A smoldered

fire of camel dung and rushes, un-


leavened bread, water from a nearby

     wadi, and later, rituals to perform,

sacrifice of cooing doves, snipped foreskin,


Simeon's epiphany, the prophetess

     extolling, then Herod's herald -- how

any despot's whim turns into civil law,


hence, a murder spree of innocents.

     A dream was the family's exit cue,

a redeye flight to Egypt, back the exile


route, unknown months of toil until

     the angel woke Joseph

in another dream and said return.


Thus Yeshua and his entourage of two

     set out for inauspicious Nazareth

and home for his human habitation.